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University Chocolate Gifts - Gnaw

It is coming to that time of year again where new students are starting their journey in the next chapter of their life as they move from home and start independent life. As well as new students starting university, students are heading back to university for years two and 3 and more as well. Here at Gnaw Chocolate we have a whole range of wonderful chocolate gifts that are perfect for wishing your loved one the best time while they study delivered to their unit flat or accommodation to make theirs and their flat mates day....your son, daughter or friend may need to squirrel is away in their room as the chocolate is very moreish:)

University Letterbox Chocolates 

Our letterbox chocolates are the ideal present for your friend or family member starting at university! Send them some delicious chocolate that can be delivered directly through their letterbox, and why not send it to their new university accommodation? Choose 3 of our scrummy chocolate bars, with many different flavours to choose from, and vegan options and made with gluten chocolate option as well. You can choose the postcard to best suit the occasion to add a special message to wish them the best of luck starting university or heading back. There is our good luck letterbox chocolates, smile, thinking of you, congrats, and many more!

Boxes And Hampers For Students Delivered

Or why not something a little bigger to send to wish a new student the best of luck starting their university course? Our boxes and hampers are another great gift to send to students starting the year. We have a whole selection of different sized hampers, from our sunny days chocolate box to our super-duper hamper. How about sending a hamper for your loved one and their new flat mates to enjoy?

Chocolate eGift Cards for University Students

Or want to let your loved one choose exactly what chocolate they would like to help them settle in to university, then why not send them one of our eGift cards? Just select the amount you would like to send them and is sent to them digitally, so they choose exactly what they would like.

Vegan Chocolate Student Gift Packages 

If your loved one is following a vegan diet, then we offer great vegan options that can be sent to them to enjoy. We have our fantastic vegan happiness chocolate box, and our vegan-a-licious dark chocolate hamper. Or we have our super build-a-bar bundles for 10 bars or 5 bars where there are many vegan options to choose from.

Button Bundles

Or for another great option we have our buttons bundles that make a wonderful gift for anyone starting university. With choice of our 6 bag and 3 bag button bundles!

Delivery To Students At University

We can deliver to any address in the UK, and this includes delivery to student accommodations as well. As your loved one settles in to their university accommodation, send them some delicious chocolate to pick up their spirits and send your good wishes. If you are unable to see your friend or family member before they leave for university, then just send them chocolate to wish them the best of luck.