Mini Bar Chocolate Bundles

Mini Bar Chocolate Bundles - Gnaw

Our Mini Bar Bundles are small but mighty and packed full of natural flavours! They are the perfect treat when a chocolate craving comes along, in a lovely snack sized portion. Did you know you can create your own chocolate bundle of 5 or 10 mini bars?

5 or 10 Mini Bar Bundles

Customise your order by choosing exactly what Gnaw mini bar flavours to add to your order! Choose from Millionaire’s Shortbread milk chocolate, Peanut Butter milk chocolate, Salted Caramel milk chocolate, and Orange Zest dark chocolate, which is vegan too. Create the perfect mini bundle selection for your friend or family member to enjoy to their birthday, anniversary, special occasion or simply as a thinking of you chocolate gift.

Mini Chocolate Bar Flavours

  • Millionaires Shortbread Milk Chocolate Bar 50g - A delicious chocolate bar accompanied with a yummy shortcake biscuit! Great for anyone who loves millionaire’s shortbread, our chocolate bar version is simply the bests and a much needed addition to your mini bar selection. 
  • Orange Zest Dark Chocolate Bar 50g - A zesty filled dark chocolate bar is great for all chocolate orange lovers. It is citrusy, rich, and full of wonderful dark chocolate flavours. When making up your mini bar bundle you do not want to miss this one out. It is also great for anyone who follows a vegan diet as well, as it is completely vegan and free from all animal products.
  • Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bar 50g -  For those who love a nutty flavour, then our peanut butter bar is the flavour for you. The bar contains roasted chopped peanuts enveloped in a smooth milk chocolate to create a delicious peanut buttery bar which the squirrels at Gnaw go nuts for!
  • Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar 50g- Salted caramel remains a popular flavour amongst all the delicious chocolate flavours we have on offer. A dreamy bar of creamy smooth milk chocolate with sweet and salt combined to create a wonderful flavour for your friends, family and yourself to enjoy. 

Mini Bar Chocolate Collections Birthday Present

Finding the right birthday present can be a challenge and most of the time chocolate is simply the answer. You can create a whole range of chocolate bar selections for your friends and family members to enjoy. If you can’t find the right flavours with our mini bar bundle, we have a whole range of bundle selections to choose from. Including our build- a-bar bundle selections, where there are even more chocolate flavours to choose from. Perfect for that birthday present!

Mini Chocolate Bar Bundles Delivered

Create the perfect gift for your loved one, and have it delivered directly to their door for them to enjoy! Rather than buying bars from the supermarket, make your gift more personal by creating your own bar bundles for someone special, friend or family and have it delivered directly their door to make them smile. You can choose the chocolate bar flavours that you know they will love, either mix and match the mini bar flavours or have all the same flavour, the choice is yours. We deliver our handcrafted chocolate all over the UK and Europe too.