As a brand inspired by squirrels and their love of the great outdoors,we strive to do all we can to be sustainable, planet conscious as well as handcrafting simply scrummy chocolate for you to enjoy that doesn't cost the earth.

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Here's where our sustainable chocolate journey has taken us...

It is a long and evolving journey, but we are sure that we are on the right track. Thanks to people like you, who keep us going down the path to sustainability and enjoying our fabulous chocolate.  
Sustainable Squirrels

We’re dedicated to producing our handcrafted chocolate to the highest quality, with natural ingredients sourced as locally as possible. 

It means we may not be the cheapest, but we honestly believe quality does come at a price being zero waste packaging, less landfill and an all-round cleaner planet. We say that’s a price worth paying….Especially for fabulously scrummy handcrafted chocolate to savour and enjoy.

We care about what's in your chocolate, so our chocolate collections are made using quality natural ingredients, sourced from Britain to ensure our chocolate always tastes fabulous.  

Made in Britain…Sunny  Gnawfolk to be precise ☀️ 
We’re on a mission to keep our carbon paw-print low and our quality high. Supporting our loyal family of British suppliers has, and remains to us a top priority. All of Gnaw our fabulous bars, mini bars, buttons and hot chocolate shots are handcrafted on British soil at our Gnaw HQ in sunny Norfolk - as we move to an even more sustainable future.  
Plastic Free Packaging
All of our 100g bars are beautifully wrapped in fun packaging which is fully home compostable and printed using soya free inks featuring our very own squirrel in different guises! It’s FSC accredited. The foil…or what looks like foil is derived from wood pulp and created by Natureflex. so this and the wrapper can be placed in your compost bin and will decompose over 10 weeks. Our 50g bars which were recyclable have started to move to fully compostable foil as each print run renews. Our journey towards sustainable chocolate is always rolling forwards as we strive to be as green as we can.  
Planet Conscious Packaging
In the world of packaging, being planet conscious is highly important while also protecting our chocolate bars and gifts so that you receive them in pristine condition. 

As a business we have worked hard to overcome this and already have made some positive steps forward. Our letterbox chocolates email bags are now made from an 100% biodegradable plastic alternative. 

Our gift boxes and packaging are paper and cardboard based and filled using tissue paper too.

Gnaw HQ... doing our bit
Our commitment to sustainability starts at Gnaw HQ by reducing wasted products, wasted energy and harmful chemical substances. From energy conservation to recycling. Our HQ is run on 100% renewable energy using a company who invest in and operate a renewable energy structure. 

Our team of squirrels are aware and respectful of the environment. To dissuade the use of plastic, they don’t use disposable cups for tea or coffee, and opt to use their own mugs and thermos flasks to help do their bit. 

Our partnerships with suppliers are helping to cut greenhouse gases, reduce waste and educate young people about sustainability which is why we chose DPD as our main courier within the UK and Europe due to their Carbon Neutral Policy and ethos.
Soil Association Accreditation
We are a Soil Association Accredited Producer a charity that digs deeper to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our natural world.