Our top 5 gifts for hot chocolate lovers this winter

It’s hard to beat getting back home after a long day, slipping into loungewear, and cosying up on the sofa with a calming hot chocolate to help you unwind... That’s why our range of Hot Chocolate Gifts Sets make a great gift for a loved one. They are quite literally a hug in a mug! 

To help you find the perfect treat for your hot chocolate-loving friends and family, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Gnaw Hot Chocolate Gift Sets for all ages, tastes and dietary requirements!

First up we have our range of hot chocolate stirrer gift sets. They make the most amazing hot chocolates in just a few simple steps. Simply melt and swirl one of the scrummy handcrafted hot chocolate stirrers into steaming hot milk, top with mini marshmallows, sit down, relax and most of all... Enjoy!

Mixed Hot Chocolate Shot Gift Set

Our bestselling Mixed Hot Chocolate Shot Gift Set comes with a trio of dreamy artisan milk hot chocolate flavours including our all-time classic milk chocolate, zesty orange and sweet, smooth caramel all with mini marshmallows to top off these extra special treats!

Boozy Hot Chocolate Gift Set

For those (grown-up humans) who like to go all out, these alcohol-inspired hot chocolate stirrers add a touch of elegance to our smooth, creamy milk hot chocolate stirrer flavours. Treat your friends to three heavenly boozy flavours including Cherry Brandy, Amaretto and Spiced Rum for the perfect night in.

Hot Chocolate Taste Adventure Gift Set

Our Hot Chocolate Taste Adventure Gift Set offers the ultimate gifting experience for friends and family who simply LOVE hot chocolate! This hot chocolate gift set contains 8 of our scrummy hot chocolate stirrers in all different flavours including Milk Hot Chocolate, Orange Hot Chocolate, Caramel Hot Chocolate, Mint Hot Chocolate, Rocky Road Hot Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline Hot Chocolate, Marbled Hot Chocolate and Dark Hot Chocolate. A totally 'gnawsome gift' for someone special! 

Vegan Hot Chocolate Gift Set

For friends and family who are vegan, our fabulously delicious handcrafted vegan hot chocolate gift set offers a tasty trio of scrummy vegan hot chocolate treats for them to savour. The gift set comes with 3 scrummy and decadent flavours; Vegan Dark Chocolate, Vegan 70% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Vegan Mylk Chocolate to melt and swirl into hot almond milk (or whatever you choose) and then sit down, relax and most of all enjoy!

Next up we have our new hot chocolate bombs! Our hot chocolate bombs are scrummy spheres of creamy milk chocolate filled with mini marshmallows. 

Making hot chocolates using them is super fun as you watch the mini marshmallows pop to the top of your mug when you pour in the hot milk and the chocolate begins to melt! They make the most amazing hot chocolates in just a few simple steps…

  1. Simply place a ‘bombe’ into a mug.
  2. Slowly add hot milk to watch it melt.
  3. Watch the marshmallows pop to the top!
  4. Stir well.
  5. Then sit down, relax and most of all... Enjoy!

Marvellous Mixed Hot Chocolate Bombes

Choose from our Marvellous Mixed Hot Chocolate Bombes which comes with our classic trio of Caramel, Milk and Orange flavours or keep things simple with our all milk chocolate Bomb Bliss Gift Set.

And much more… 

It doesn’t stop there! If you’d like to choose your own selection of scrummy hot chocolate flavours, our Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Gift Set bundle builder makes you head squirrel as you pick all your friends favourites, our for a gnawty treat for yourself! You can also purchase the hot chocolate stirrers individually here.

Hot Chocolate Gifts Delivered

Once you’ve chosen the hot chocolate gift that your loved one would most adore, you can then choose the date for it to be delivered - perfect for if your buying for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and of course Christmas! Once you’ve chosen your delivery date, you then have the option for it to be delivered with Royal Mail First Class Delivery or 2-day courier with DPD.

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