How to make hot chocolate. Our top tips, tricks and hot chocolate recipes.

Hot Chocolate Stirrer Gift Set

A delicious mug of hot chocolate really is the ultimate comfort drink. There really is no better than getting back home after a long day, slipping into loungewear, and cosying up on the sofa with a calming hot chocolate to help you unwind...

There is a whole range of different methods to make the most delicious warming mug of hot chocolate, and in this guide, we'll show you the best options for both taste and convenience!

How to make hot chocolate with Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Of course, the Gnaw squirrels are a little biased, but we think the easiest way to make yourself a hot chocolate is by using one of our hot chocolate stirrers. They are a decadent chunk of melting chocolate on the end of a spoon and these indulgent treats make the most delicious hot chocolates in just a few simple steps.

To make a hot chocolate using one of our stirrers simply...

1. Heat up some milk in a mug until it's hot. (Use whole milk or oat milk for the best results).
2. Place your stirrer into the milk and stir.
3. Sprinkle the marshmallows on top!

For an extra indulgent treat, before sprinkling the marshmallows on top, add a layer of whipped cream, chocolate shavings and maybe even a little chocolate sauce!

It really is that simple! They also give you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of flavours with over 10 different delicious options such as Orange, Caramel, Rocky Road, Spiced Rum and even a Christmas Gingerbread flavour and a novelty Santa milk chocolate option to choose from!

We also have 3 scrummy and decadent vegan hot chocolate flavours; Vegan Dark Chocolate, Vegan 70% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, and Vegan Mylk Chocolate to melt and swirl into hot almond milk (or whatever you choose).

The best option when buying our hot chocolate stirrers is to bundle up and mix and match with either our 5 or 10 hot chocolate stirrer options to ensure you're never without your favourite treats!

If you're buying them as a gift, we have a variety of hot chocolate gifting options with our Make your Own Hot Chocolate Stirrer Gift Set, our Milk and Mixed Trio Hot Chocolate Gift Boxes containing our classic flavours or for those (grown-up humans) who like to go all out, our Boozy Hot Chocolate Gift Set.

We also have our Hot Chocolate Taste Adventure Gift Set that offers the ultimate gifting experience for friends and family who simply LOVE hot chocolate! This hot chocolate gift set contains 8 of our scrummy hot chocolate stirrers in all different flavours


How to make hot chocolate with Hot Chocolate Bombes

Next up we have our range of hot chocolate bombes! Hot chocolate bombs are scrummy spheres of creamy milk chocolate filled with mini marshmallows.

Making hot chocolates using them is super fun as you watch the mini marshmallows pop to the top of your mug when you pour in the hot milk and the chocolate begins to melt!

As with our hot chocolate stirrers, they also make the most amazing hot chocolates in just a few simple steps…

1. Simply place a ‘bombe’ into a mug.
2. Slowly add hot milk to watch it melt.
3. Watch the marshmallows pop to the top!
4. Stir well.
5. Then sit down, relax and most of all... Enjoy!

Choose from our Marvellous Mixed Hot Chocolate Bombes which comes with our classic trio of Caramel, Milk and Orange hot chocolate flavours or keep things simple with our all Milk Chocolate Bomb Bliss Gift Set. To treat the whole family, our Hot Chocolate Bomb Sharing Box is a great option too! 


How to make hot chocolate with a chocolate bar


If you're reading this and desperate to make yourself a mug of hot chocolate, but don't have any of our stirrers or bombes to hand then this next trick might just help...

You can make hot chocolate using our large chocolate bars too! It's not quite as simple as using our hot chocolate sticks or hot chocolate bombes, but still results in a delicious mug of hot chocolate!

For 4 cups, simply pour around 500ml of whole milk, 150ml of double cream and a whole bar of your favourite Gnaw chocolate (chopped up) into a pan. Bring gently to the boil, and whisk until smooth. Serve with whipped cream and marshmallows if you're feeling extra decadent for a special treat!


How to make hot chocolate with cocoa powder

Lastly, there is a range of hot chocolate powders available from many high street retailers such as our stockist, Jarrolds, which allow you to make a quick and easy hot chocolate. Whilst instructions are usually listed on the packet, the preparation normally involves swirling a few teaspoons of hot chocolate powder into a mug of hot milk and stirring.

Now that you're an expert on making the perfect hot chocolate, shop our range of hot chocolate products to find a new favourite to experiment with! Have fun and be sure to send in the end results so that we can share them on our social media pages 🙂