Chocolate Buttons

Chocolate Buttons - Gnaw

Chocolate Button Bundles

Make sure you bundle up some of our delicious artisan chocolate buttons! You do not want to miss out on these. Not only do they taste great by themselves as little drops of chocolatey goodness to share, but they are also great for baking with too. You can use the delicious chocolate buttons to decorate the top of cakes, cupcakes and more. There are two choices for our chocolate buttons bundles in bags of 3 or 6 bag bundles. There are different chocolate button bags to choose from in different flavours as well and make great chocolate gifts to send friends or family as a sweet treat for them to enjoy. Which chocolate buttons flavour is your favourite?

Milk Chocolate 

These scrummy handcrafted milk chocolate buttons are great bite-sized buttons of smooth and tasty milk chocolate. Not only are these made without gluten, so great for anyone following a gluten free diet, but they are vegetarian too. Why not add this flavour to a 3 bag or 6 bag bundle for your friend or family member to enjoy? 

Caramel Buttons

We also have our delicious caramel chocolate buttons that you can indulge on, or another great flavour to be added to a bundle for a special present for a loved one. Tasty, smooth and dreamy caramel chocolate buttons to share with family, or just for yourself. Not only are they a great addition to a present but they are perfect baked into biscuits as well, or on top of a cake.

Mixed Chocolate Buttons

Not sure which chocolate flavour to choose? Then go for our wonderful mix of smooth milk, creamy white and delicious dark chocolate buttons to munch your way through. These unique and quirky buttons are perfect for that thoughtful gift for a loved one. They are made without gluten and vegetarian too! So make sure you get your hands one some delicious mixed chocolate buttons.

Organic Dark Chocolate Buttons

Our indulgent decadent dark chocolate buttons are rich-bite sized chocolate pieces and are completely vegan as well as being organic chocolate. Make sure you add them to a chocolate buttons bundle order to put a big smile on your friend or family members face. A tasty treat o squirrel away and enjoy.

Organic Mixed Chocolate Buttons

Similar to our mixed chocolate buttons, we have our organic mixed chocolate buttons which are perfect for all the family to enjoy with creamy white chocolate, wonderfully smooth milk chocolate and indulgent dark chocolate all in one bag together. Another great addition to a birthday present, anniversary, or any other occasion. A perfect sharing chocolate treat delivered to the door of someon especial.

Recyclable chocolate packaging

All of our chocolate buttons are packaged in 100% recyclable packaging. You can buy a chocolate button gift knowing they are a guilt free zero waste gift, and a wonderful gift for your friend of family member wanting to following an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Relax knowing that nothing goes to waste.