Our Story


In 2010, Matt and Teri's innovative ideas led to the launch of the first great-tasting and sustainable chocolate in Norfolk. Since then, GNAW Chocolate has expanded from a handful of local sellers to numerous global retailers.


We are leading the charge for positive change in the chocolate industry with our unwavering commitment to sustainability and conscious sourcing at the core of our proudly independent, premium, luxury chocolate brand.


Committed to high-quality, sustainable, innovative, ethically sourced chocolate which doesn’t compromise on flavour. Determined always put people and the planet first in every decision. We work hard to address our supply chain and source from producers where we can offer support. All our cocoa is sourced from a family-owned Colombian Cocoa supplier, which harvests its own beans and works alongside farmers to create longer term farming strategies. These include agroforestry projects which allow us to provide a fully traceable and transparent ‘farm to bar’ supply chain.


Our innovative range is proudly made at our UK HQ based in the picturesque city of Norwich. We keep our manufacturing local, which means a great deal to GNAW. We lessen our impact on the environment and keep our brand truly British. Not only does the chocolate taste great, but it is packaged with premium sustainable materials such as biodegradable foil and wrappers you can home compost. Our range features 100g Chocolate Bars, 35g snack-sized chocolate bars, bite-sized nibbles, chocolate gifting, corporate gifting, vegan-friendly products, and our best-selling hot chocolate stirrers.


"Inspired by the lack of great-tasting, consciously sourced chocolate, we founded GNAW. A brand that will never compromise on flavour and purpose. Customers deserve happiness, luxury and playfulness every time they open a bar."

- Matt & Teri Legon, founders of GNAW


99% of packaging is home compostable or kerbside recyclable

We're constantly championing new product manufacturing techniques and packaging solutions to ensure they're as sustainable as possible. Our goal is to keep pushing towards our commitment to be completely zero waste.