Safe and sound.

Safe and sound. - Gnaw

At Gnaw, we tend to look on the lighter side of life, but can we be serious for moment? (Thanks).

We think that the new GDPR legalisation is great news. We know that you are bombarded with a gazillion sales emails every week - and let’s face it, they can be annoying! After all, you haven’t shopped with that company for over 10 years, right? 

The new legislation means that you, our lovely customers, can let us know if you would like to hear from us. As you won’t be bombarded by messages from all and sundry, you will actually get to see our exciting Gnaw news and take advantage of our exclusive customer offers.

Don’t worry - you will only hear from us from time to time - we just don’t agree with the ‘throwing mud’ approach (...the only brown substance we like is scrummy chocolate!)


Re-subscribe and you could win:

The new legislation means that you need to positively opt-in to continue to receive messages - we certainly won't just make an assumption that you do!

We appreciate that with so many companies sending similar emails like this, it can be a little arduous –

So, if you do want to continue to hear from us, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a delicious Gnaw Chocolate hamper, packed full of yummy chocolatey goodies.

We like to keep things simple; re-subscribing will only take a couple of ticks… Just follow this link and tick the marketing preferences box.

We will then make sure that we keep you in the loop with all things Gnaw!


Don’t want to hear from Gnaw?

We won’t take offence. If you would like to opt-out, it couldn’t be easier, you don’t need to do anything! If we don’t hear from you, we will automatically delete your details from our database when the new legislation begins on the 25th May 2018.


The right to change your mind:

If you decided to subscribe and change your mind at a later date, that is fine with us. Just send us an email to and we will make sure you are removed from our database. You can also click ‘unsubscribe’ at the footer of any email that you have received from Gnaw.

Our Data Protection Officer will be happy to help with any GDPR query you may have – He can be contacted at the above address. Please include GDPR in the email subject.


Want to know a little more about Gnaw’s commitment to GDPR?

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