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Customer Rewards - Gnaw

At Gnaw, we always look to build strong working relationships with like-minded partners – we find that having the same ethos is fundamental to sustaining those relationships in the long-term.


Although operating in a very different industry, ESE Direct’s core values mirror that of ours, here at Gnaw. Priding themselves on the delivery of ‘exceptional service, every time’, the award-winning ESE’s friendly and customer-centric approach was the perfect match with Gnaw, who also keep their customers at the very heart of all they do.

With customer satisfaction a priority for both businesses, when ESE started to look to create a reward programme for their customers, Gnaw not only produced high quality and deliciously-good chocolate, they were the perfect fit professionally too.

Being a B2B supplier, we knew that giving a treat to the purchasers, especially one that they could share with a whole office, would be a great incentive for them to place an order with us. Of course, we also wanted to encourage repeat business and improve sales conversion rates too” said Martin Gilmour, Marketing Manager at ESE Direct.

“When investigating suppliers, we were instantly taken by the brand identity of Gnaw, which we felt spoke in a much more distinctive voice than bigger brands and the Norfolk connection gave us something in common – that helped us tell a more compelling story”.


How has the customer award scheme worked for ESE?

There are two levels of customer reward; a Luxury Hamper and a Hot Chocolate Shot Gift Box for orders over £250 and for orders over £500, they receive A Variety Hamper, a Luxury Hamper and two Gnaw Goodee Boxes.

“The scheme has encouraged larger baskets and increased our conversation rate; our average order values across both website and telephone sales channels have increased. The scheme is great and have achieved our objectives. As a business it enables us to reward larger, more considered purchases and retain customer loyalty.” Martin continues.


The results:

During the promotion, ESE have seen a measurable increase in conversion rate and a 10% increase in average order value, across both existing and new customers.  The promotion also provided a great opportunity to create a strong social media campaign; this achieved good engagement levels across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In addition, the team at ESE also received some great customer feedback saying how much they enjoyed the Gnaw Chocolate (which is always nice to hear!).


How can Gnaw help your business grow:

Our fun and quirky range is created to bring the joy and excitement back into the world of quality chocolate; customers around the world love our engaging, playful brand and we’re sure yours will too.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, working closely with our stockists to provide as much retailer support as possible.


Stand out from the crowd.

Our team has lots of experience working alongside businesses, just like yours, both in providing corporate gifts and creating bespoke products.

If you are looking for a memorable gift to make you stand out from your competition or if you are thinking of something a little more personal from your brand, then we also offer a bespoke product range too.

  • Holding a launch event
  • Provide something different to your hotel conferencing facility or for that big important meeting
  • Say thanks to a client
  • Set up a Customer Rewards or Loyalty Scheme
  • Wish an employee happy birthday

Give us a bell:

Have a few thoughts and ideas? Our super-friendly team are always happy to chat and see how we can best help your business meet its objectives. You are under no obligation, of course (and we certainly aren’t those pushy sales types).


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