Make the most of the chilly temperatures.

Make the most of the chilly temperatures. - Gnaw

This wonderfully descriptive Danish word translates roughly to mean "cosiness," but it means so much more than that.

So what is it? Is it an attitude, a feeling or an experience? At Gnaw, we think it is all three.

With the temperatures set to plummet again in the U.K this weekend, why not make the most of it? Light a few candles, grab a big squishy blanket, your favourite pair of snuggly socks, and a scrummy Gnaw Hot Shot – ahhh, contentment.

If there’s a better way to spend a chilly evening, than huddling up next to a roaring log fire; sipping a velvety, luxurious, handcrafted hot chocolate with a few marshmallows on the top, then we’re yet to find it!

The Danes really do know a thing or two. That's why we are delighted to continue to work with our Danish partner's, Søstrene Grene; our deliciously scrumptious Gnaw Chocolate is available at their stores across Europe.

This weekend, why not take a leaf out of our continental neighbours’ book - enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Make the most of the chilly temperatures and be kind to yourself; your soul will thank you for it.