Why Not Add a Touch of Gnawty Delight to Your Business?


Delight your customers with fun, playful and downright delicious Gnaw chocolates. Whether you’re running an old fashioned sweetshop or a high end foodie palace, our products will entice, intrigue and surprise.

Why Stock Gnaw?

  • Unique – Gnaw chocolate is like no other. We combine subtle and sophisticated natural flavours with classic sweetshop favourites. This allows your retail outlet to add a whole new sweet dimension to its product listing. 
  • High Quality – All of our Gnaw products are hand-crafted by chocolate lovers in our Norfolk based workshops using only premium grade chocolate, natural flavourings and colours. A premium product for locations that care about their consumers. 
  • Exciting and Eye-Catching – Our bright, colourful and vibrant brand captures your customers’ imaginations, attention and most importantly their appetites. Our products are designed to fly off your shelves and into their hands.
  • Point of Sale – At Gnaw we offer a full retail support service to help Gnaw bars and treats find their way into shoppers’ baskets. Use fully branded point of sale products to bring even more attention to our colourful products.
  • Nationwide Demand – Be part of a growing brand. With Gnaw now stocked in over 1,000 stores across the country, demand and excitement about our brand is now increasing year on year.


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Want to start tempting your customers with yummy Gnaw chocolate products? To find out more why not give one of our sales squirrels a call on 01603 501 518 - or simply fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you…