Working With A New Leaf Norfolk

Working With A New Leaf Norfolk - GNAW

Introducing A New Leaf Norfolk in their own words - Kayleigh Garry

A New Leaf Norfolk was something I had put a lot of thought into, something I had often dreamed about but never believed it would ever be more than that, mainly because I would always find a reason why we couldn't " we can't afford it" "we have children, if it doesn't work it wouldn't be fair on them". But then the pandemic hit... I worked in education during this time and continued to attend the setting. I began questioning what it was all about and after long talks with my family- I decided I wanted something more for us all.

I am extremely lucky to have such a supportive family. My father has built up an established garden centre ( Thorpe Plant Centre ) in which he was happy for me to join! This made the jump from my existing job to the unknown a little less scary.

So I worked my notice and finished during the Easter holidays- in which myself and my husband worked extremely hard to kit out the shop we had my best friends husband build. I had a vision and it has totally come together- although a bigger shop could definitely be filled !

I have lots of plans for the future, 2022 is the year we expand and focus on promoting more online sales, helping grow my little business into something more.