Love Bites: The GNAW Chocolate way to someone’s heart

Love Bites: The GNAW Chocolate way to someone’s heart - GNAW

Guess what time of year it is? Yep, Valentine’s Day is sneaking up in us again. You know that day we all pretend to roll our eyes at it but secretly we mark it with the biggest red heart in our calendars! It's not all about the soppy cards or flowers – thank goodness - because let’s be real, chocolate is Valentine’s Day!

A time of love, tenderness, and... chocolate. But beyond the commerciality of the day, there lies a history rich with tradition and, fortunately for you, a deep-rooted connection to chocolate.

A Little Chocolate History Lesson

Once upon a time, way before your dating app swipe right disasters, chocolate was the ultimate hook up. The Mayans started it, the Aztecs got in on the action (notably Emperor Montezuma, believed cocoa beans fuelled passion), and those fancy European royals couldn’t get enough of the stuff. They would present chocolate with amber to court their loved ones, a tradition that eventually found its way to the masses. And so, the tradition of gifting chocolate was born, symbolising luxury, desire, and love.

Science even says chocolate is like a love potion 'food of the gods.' It pops the same feel-good fireworks in your brain mimicking the euphoria of being in love.

The GNAW Bit… love for people, the planet, and the product!

So, what makes GNAW, the gift of choice to bring home to your loved one? We’re fun, we’re bold, and we don’t just talk the talk. We’re walking the walk – in sustainably-sourced boots. From the loving hands of the farmers to the final product, GNAW embodies transparency, responsibility, and excellence.

When you gift GNAW, you’re not just saying “I kind of like you,” you’re screaming “I absolutely adore you, and I'm not afraid who knows it!”

Love with a Side of Laughs

Let’s be real, a bar of GNAW is like swiping right and getting an instant match with the planet. So, this Valentine’s, ditch the usual and go for the bold moves, and the chocolatey bites that say “You’re awesome, and so am I.”