Vegan Chocolate Bars

Vegan Chocolate Bars - Gnaw

Following a vegan diet for many people is a lifestyle choice and to reduce the exploitation of animals, but this is not the only reason for becoming vegan. For many it is a key factor in the decision making, but also for health reasons. At Gnaw HandCrafted Chocolate we believe, and know, that chocolate is a very key component to everyone’s diet to remain happy and healthy. That being said we have a whole range of fabulous vegan chocolate bars that are certain to make anyone following a vegan diet smile. As well as vegan, all of our bars come wrapped in completely compostable packaging, for that lovely eco-friendly, zero waste gift. Find the perfect selection of vegan chocolate bars for all occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations!

There are many vegan chocolate bars to choose from, so you can decide what flavours take your fancy, or choose the perfect vegan bars for your friends or family.

 Organic Almond & Coffee Dark Chocolate Vegan Bar

This vegan chocolate bar is certainly one to add to the bundle. Our squirrels are going nuts for this decadent organic almond and coffee dark chocolate bar, enriched with deep velvety tones combined with almonds for some added texture. This is paired perfectly with simply the best organic coffee! This rich, silky, smooth vegan chocolate bar will make a birthday bundle selection complete. Made with over 58% cocoa and handcrafted carefully, this scrummy bar is the ideal gift for anyone following a vegan diet.

Toasted Coconut Dark Vegan Chocolate Bar

Another vegan bar we want to bring your attention to is our wonderful toasted coconut dark chocolate bar. It will fill you full of holiday sensations, with exotic coconutty flavours for that truly tropical feeling. Choose this bar along with others, to create the perfect vegan gift selection for friends and family members.

Raspberry Crisp Vegan Dark Chocolate

A bar that has everything! A smooth decadent bar, that provides a wonderful indulgent experience. Our raspberry crisp bar is full of raspberry favours and 72% cocoa dark chocolate, it is smooth, sweet, and bitter all at once to provide a beautifully balanced vegan chocolate bar! Yet another delicious treat, or gift for that special someone.

100% Cocoa Super Dark Bite Sized Bars

Or looking for something simple, then we have our SUPER dark chocolate bars which is simply cocoa solids! Expect an intense flavoursome bar with deep chocolatey notes. This vegan bar is one you can fall in love with, and you can even add it to your baking recipes.

Dark Vegan Chocolate with Granola & Orange

Just to make your decision even harder, we also have our granola and dark orange chocolate bar, full of all the flavour and texture. For that perfect balance between crunchy and smooth, it is another great bar for any special occasion.

Dark Chocolate

Then we have our dark chocolate bar, which is only made with organic and natural products, for that ultimate vegan treat! With 58% dark chocolate, it is the ideal addition to any vegan gift for a friend or family member whatever the occasion. Along with all our chocolate bars, this vegan chocolate bar is eco-friendly and compostable, with all wrapping and foil being fully compostable and environmentally friendly!

Organic Goji Berry & Cashew Dark Chocolate Bar

Finally, our Goji Berry & Cashew Dark Chocolate Bar is yet another great addition to vegan selection to make your choice even harder when it comes to selecting the perfect vegan treat. Made with organic ingredients, this completely vegan bar is a fabulous blend of bitter and sweet taste along with a nutty twist.

Vegan Build a Bar Chocolate Bundle

For a fab gift selection for a friend, family member or loved one, you can select our vegan build a bar bundle! Choose 10 different vegan bars for that perfect gift selection that is certain to put a smile on anyone’s face. With it delivered directly to any address, you can make sure to celebrate a special occasion with someone even if you are unable to see them in person. For all those following a vegan diet, we will make sure they do not miss out on some delicious chocolate!

Or if you are looking for other non-vegan chocolate bars as well, then we have a great selection of chocolate bars! Flavours include, Almond, Toffee & Sea Salt, Banoffee Pie, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Fudge Crunch, Salted Caramel & Peanut, No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate Bar, and many more!