*NEW* Gingerbread Hot Chocolate Stirrer

*NEW* Gingerbread Hot Chocolate Stirrer - GNAW

There is just certain flavours and smells which remind you of Christmas. Whether it is warm mince pies filling your nostrils, or the tang from the cranberry sauce cutting through the turkey. Here at Gnaw, we think there is one thing which cannot be forgotten when playing the Christmas association game... Gingerbread!

Reach for the Christmas stars with our NEW gingerbread spice infused hot chocolate to warm you up & get you into festive mood. The squirrels are loving this new seasonal flavour as it's perfect for warming the paws so we are told! So sit back, cosy up and feel festive.
Simply fill a large mug with hot milk and stir up a treat with a swirl of melting milk chocolate. And for the finishing touch...it has to be micro-mallows! A winter warm hot chocolate treat to hibernate with on cosy nights in.
If you want to try our new hot chocolate flavour which the squirrels are super excited to launch, then click here.