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Organic Artisan Chocolate

At Gnaw we have a whole selection of organic chocolate bars flavours to indulge on and enjoy. They are great options to add to our build a bar bundles, and letterbox gift selections. Make a wonderful present for your friend and family member to enjoy, and choose the flavours they will love the most. All bars are wrapped in completely home compostable wrapper and foil and our scrummy artisan organic flavours include:

Organic Almond & Biscuit Milk Chocolate Bar

Our almond & biscuit milk chocolate bar is full of natural ingredients to create a yummy smooth creamy chocolate bar. It’s delicious mild almondy nutty taste, and bits of tasty organic shortbread biscuit for that added crunch to really hit the spot. It is a really big hit here with the squirrels and we want you to experience it too!

Organic Almond & Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar

This almond and coffee dark chocolate bar is another delicious flavour you do not want to miss out on. Full of mild nutty favour and texture and blended with rich coffee flavours, with deep velvety tones blended it's a chocolate combo of chocolate luxury. We also use the best organic coffee, for that luxury smooth chocolatey bar, which is made with over 58% cocoa! This bar is suitable for both vegan, vegetarians and is made without gluten, so it is ideal for all friends and family members.

Organic Almond & Biscuit Milk Chocolate Bar

Another fabulous almond chocolate bar full of organic ingredients, is another favourite of many! With mild tasting almonds blended together with our handcrafted smooth and creamy milk chocolate , it's a match made in chocolate heaven. Don't miss out on trying this delicious flavour, which is great for birthdays, anniversary and to celebrate any special occasion. This yummy bar is also palm oil free, vegetarian, as well as organic.

Goji Berry & Cashew Dark Chocolate Bar

For a whole different flavour sensation, made with all natural organic ingredients, our unique Goji Berry and cashew bar is blended carefully to create a decadent handcrafted chocolate bar. Cashews are combined with red goji berries for those antioxidant health benefits. Another bar to add to that special birthday chocolate selection, that is simply perfect for birthdays and all other celebrations. It is vegan, palm oil free, organic, and made without gluten!

Organic Granola & Orange Dark Chocolate Bar

You do not want to miss out on this unique organic granola and orange dark chocolate bar that is vegetarian and made without gluten. Made with only natural ingredients this super chocolate bar is certainly one that needs to make it in to your gift for your loved one. Granola is blended for that wonderful crunch, along with the sweet natural orange flavours, beautifully wrapped in our compostable wrapper and foil.

Organic Granola & Peanut Milk Chocolate Bar

For all those peanut lovers out there, this is the chocolate bar for you! Our granola and peanut milk chocolate bar is everything you need and more, as well as being an ideal gift addition for your friend or family member on their birthday. A smooth delicious milk chocolate bar which is organic as well. Filled with British granola and peanuts to create a bar you will love. This bar is vegetarian, palm oil free, made without gluten and wrapped in our compostable packaging. 

Organic Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Bar

A favourite among the squirrels here a nutty organic chocolate bar, that we are simply nuts about, and one we want you to try. Our organic peanut butter milk chocolate bar is sweet and salty blended together to create a delicious bar. Have a birthday, anniversary, or any celebration coming up? Then make sure that you add it to your next Gnaw order! A perfect zero waste gift for peanut butter lovers.

Organic Peanut Butter White Chocolate Bar

Finally, our last nutty bar is our unique organic peanut butter white chocolate bar, and a white chocolate lovers dream! It is dreamy and creamy organic white chocolate bar combined with a salty twist which your friends and family will love, as well as yourself. A perfect white chocolate indulgence, one chunk is never enough!

Organic Chocolate Bars For Gifts

All our organic chocolate bars are great for a present for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and much more. We have a whole range of gift selections including our letterbox chocolates, and build a bar bundles which can have our delicious organic chocolate bars added to. How about sending some yummy organic chocolate to your mum, dad, brother, sister, auntie, uncle, or friend? Have it delivered directly to their door with a personalised message to put a big smile on their face.

Organic Chocolate Bars Delivered

Send our organic chocolate bars to someone special and have them delivered as a gift to their door via 48 hour courier anywhere in the UK, or as a letterbox chocolates where they are delivered through their letterbox to make their day special.