*NEW* Hot Chocolate Packaging - 70% less plastic

*NEW* Hot Chocolate Packaging - 70% less plastic - GNAW

Out with the old and in with the NEW!

At Gnaw we’re dedicated to producing our handcrafted chocolate to the highest quality, with natural ingredients sourced as locally as possible. 

It means we may not be the cheapest, but we honestly believe quality does come at a price being zero waste packaging, less landfill and an all-round cleaner planet. We say that’s a price worth paying….Especially for fabulously scrummy handcrafted chocolate to savour and enjoy.

All of our 100g bars are beautifully wrapped in fun packaging which is fully home compostable and printed using soya free inks featuring our very own squirrel in different guises! It’s FSC accredited. Our 50g bars which were recyclable have started to move to fully compostable foil as each print run renews. Our journey towards sustainable chocolate is always rolling forwards as we strive to be as green as we can.  

This is why we have recently upgraded our Hot chocolate Stirrer packaging here at Gnaw! The new packaging is more stylish and eye catching. More importantly it has reduced our plastic by 70%! This new packaging, along with our new spoon and square hot chocolate stirrer, has transformed this into a whole new product! A product which fits better into our sustainable pledge and ethos. The packaging is 100% recyclable with the only plastic featured on the window so you can see the quality of our chocolate as well as how many marshmallows you get (As we know some people like to skimp 👀!) This is just one of the many steps forward we have taken to better our sustainable output... And we aren't finished yet!