Boozy Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Cheers!

Boozy Hot Chocolate Gift Set - Cheers! - GNAW

There are two things the squirrels love most during the build up to Christmas. There is, of course, chocolate. Which is closely followed by a cheeky little tipple here and there. So, the squirrels thought, why don't we combine the both together? And what they have come up with is something which is truly incredible!

These alcohol-inspired hot chocolate stirrers add a touch of grown-up flavour to our smooth milk hot chocolate spoons flavours. A luxurious hot chocolate treat to melt and swirl into hot milk, top with mini marshmallows, then sit down relax and most of all enjoy....happy days!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a partner or even a parent who likes the occasional tipple but also has a sweet tooth, then we really don't think you can look any further! More moreish than an espresso martini and just as creamy and velvety! 

A unique and tasty hot chocolate gift with three infused hot chocolate flavours; Hot Toddy, Amaretto and Spiced Rum which tipple will you try first? 

Our new packaging uses 70% less plastic as part of our journey to be sustainable and reduce our plastic waste 🌱

This Gift Set includes 1 x Hot Toddy Milk Hot Chocolate Shot, 1 x Amaretto Milk Hot Chocolate Shot, 1 x Spiced Rum Milk Hot Chocolate Shot