How to Make the Perfect Gnaw Hot Chocolate

How to Make the Perfect Gnaw Hot Chocolate - GNAW

There is not one perfect way to make the perfect Hot Chocolate. How ever with Gnaw and our easy to use Hot Chocolate bombs and Hot Chocolate stirrers we provide our customers with maximum taste satisfaction with minimum effort!

The best way to Enjoy a Milk chocolate stirrer is a simple 3 step procedure!

1: Heat up some milk in a mug.

2: Place your stirrer in the mug and stir.

3: sprinkle in your marshmallows. 

Then enjoy your deliciously creamy Milk Hot Chocolate. Its as simple as that! The Milk Hot Chocolate is so delicious on its own that it doesn't need any extra fancy add-ons. Just a simple classic hot chocolate absolutely full of chocolatey flavour! Minimum effort, maximum satisfaction!

If you would want to go on a journey to explore the different possibilities that hot chocolate can open for you then the Taste Adventure is the perfect way to do this. With our selection of 8 different combinations of Hot Chocolate you too can explore a new world of chocolate heaven. You can experiment with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles and see which pairing you like from our extensive range of options! Whether you're a salt lover or a caramel lover we have the answer for you! The perfect stocking filler with the perfect hot chocolate with our Bombe Bliss or If you're someone who knows what they enjoy in life try our Make Your Own Hot Chocolate sets and choose either 5 or 10 for yourself or a loved one. The options are endless!