EGnawmous Christmas Bauble

EGnawmous Christmas Bauble - GNAW

If you want a gift which will make a statement this Christmas then look no further than the EGNAWMOUS Christmas Bauble! Our marshmallow filled creamy milk chocolate not only looks impressive, it tastes amazing as well! Whether it is for yourself, your children or a colleague for secret Santa then this is the perfect gift to make that person smile. Our delicately hand crafted bauble is oozing with not just marshmallows but a delicious flavour as well. 

Whether you want to eat this whole or put it in the worlds largest mug and enjoyed withy warm milk that is entirely up to you! Either way our Egnawmous Christmas Bauble will satisfy your every chocolatey need. It is the perfect little present for anyone this Christmas who loves chocolate and wants to be impressed with a massive ball of hot chocolate. This is the perfect product for sharing as well if you only want a small portion of hot chocolate. Just simply break it up and add to warm milk as you please, whether you want a light chocolate taste or the full whack then our Egnawmous Chocolate Bauble is your go to this festive season!