Create Your Own Christmas 5 or 10 Bar Bundle!

Create Your Own Christmas 5 or 10 Bar Bundle! - GNAW

Is there a better way to spend the festive season than indulging in 5 of Gnaws scrummy chocolate bars? The answer is YES, indulging in 10 of Gnaws scrummy chocolate bars! Grab a handful of our tasty bars - mix and match flavours to create your very own customised chocolate bar bundle... a chocoholics heaven! Our 10 bar bundles make great gifts delivered to the doorstep of someone special. Which flavour will you choose? 

Choose between a 5 and 10 bar bundle depending on how strong your chocolatey urges may be. They both make the perfect present for friends and family this Christmas and if you are looking for a secret Santa present and have a £15 budget then look no more! Our chocolate is guaranteed to put a smile on whoever tastes it. Is there really anything better than smiles at Christmas time?

If you would like to browse our 5 or 10 build-a-bar bundles or any of our other festive treats, such as: Bombe Bliss, Advent Calendars or the rest of our Christmas selection then click here.

Here at GNAW we pride ourselves on doing our part for the planet in committing all we can to be as green and eco-friendly as possible. Our build-a-bar are wrapped in our 100% recyclable packaging. Meaning our squirrels are one step closer to a more sustainable and greener planet, with more trees to explore.