Zero Waste Chocolate

In a world where we are all trying to reduce the waste we produce, trying to buy more consciously and recycling as much as possible, we thought we would remind you that our chocolate bars are zero waste. Our zero waste chocolate bars are completely compostable! You do not need to worry about what happens to the packaging after you are finished with our delicious chocolate, as it will simply compost.


Zero Waste Gifts

Our chocolate bars are the ideal gift for environmentally conscious friends and family members. These wonderfully thoughtful gifts are perfect for birthdays, and are all packaged in our fully compostable wrapper and foil. There are a so many different waste free chocolate bar flavours to choose from. So you will be able to find the best flavours for that special gift. You can create a custom build-a-bar-bundle, and choose the 5, or 10 different flavours to create a fabulous zero waste chocolate package.


Zero Waste No Added Sugar Bars

There is also a great selection of no added sugar bars, for those who still want all the chocolatey enjoyment but just a little less sugar! Our no added sugar milk chocolate bar is complete with compostable packaging, and great for anyone wanting slightly less sugar! Or we have our Cranberry and Hazelnut no added sugar bar, another zero waste bar, and great for that eco-friendly gift. Offering a slight fruiter and nuttier treat, and great for a wonderful present for a friend or family member. We also have our no added sugar milk chocolate bars in cases of 25 bars, perfect for lunch boxes and snacks!


Vegan Zero Waste Chocolate Bars

For those following a vegan diet, who are already conscious of the environment, we also have our vegan chocolate bars! These delicious bars offer the ideal gift for your friend or family member, whilst also offering guilt free zero waste packaging that is completely compostable. Create a vegan zero waste gift selection, and choose from our fabulous flavours such as our Raspberry Crisp, Toasted Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Almond & Coffee and so many more.


Zero Waste Birthday Gifts

Have an environmentally conscious friend or family member, and want to make sure they have the best birthday present? Then our zero waste chocolate bars are the perfect solution! Simply choose the bars that you know they will love, and select bundles of 5 or 10 different bar flavours. These waste free chocolate bars can be delivered to any address in the UK, as well as to a whole list of countries across Europe, you can find the list of countries along with the delivery details here.


Zero Waste Chocolate Delivery

Our chocolate can be delivered directly to your friend or family members door and provide the ideal solution if you are unable to see your loved one on their special day. Whatever the occasion you any send them some delicious zero waste chocolate in the post. Add a post card to your order as well, to add a personalised message to let them know you are thinking of them.

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