You've got to have Strawberries & Cream at Wimbledon!

You've got to have Strawberries & Cream at Wimbledon! - GNAW

Monday marked the start of Wimbledon, arguably the largest tennis competition in the world and hosted right here in the UK. It is filled with tradition and history such as that famous Fred Perry win and the strict all white uniforms worn by the male and female competitors. There is one tradition taken on by spectators which we can DEFINITELY get behind is the strawberries and cream. When you try this combination it truly is game, set and match!

That's why at Gnaw we have created our very own Strawberries And Cream Hot Chocolate Bombe. A taste so iconic that it will transport you to centre court! This drink is perfect for a summers evening. Or perhaps when its cold and raining and they have to close the iconic roof of Wimbledon.

Our super cute and deliciously creamy handcrafted white chocolate hot chocolate bomb with a pink strawberry swirl, filled with mini marshmallows. Heavenly hot chocolate for white chocolate lovers. It is the perfect little extra to add to your GNAW chocolate gift on your order. Something so special and decadent you may as well be drinking it in the royal box.

But, here at Gnaw we don't think that strawberries and cream is the only summer combination.. oh no, far from it! Strawberries and a handcrafted GNAW 100g bar is a delightful combination. Whether it is melted and dipped in hot for the sensual vibes. Or covered and put in the fridge for a refreshing chocolatey nibble at BBQ's. There is always one guarantee... you will absolutely love it!