Working With Bullards Gin

Working With Bullards Gin - GNAW

Introduction to Bullards in their own words

While the country was celebrating the first year of Queen Victoria’s reign, Richard Bullard founded The Anchor Brewery. Bullards & Sons produced a range of hugely popular beers and imported wine & spirits and soon became an established name across East Anglia.

Bullards & Sons continued to prosper into a time where large national breweries were looking to take over regional firms. With a successful name and many pubs owned by Bullards, it made an attractive proposition. Watney Mann began buying shares in the business and by 1963, Bullards succumbed to the takeover by Watneys. After many empty years, the Anchor Brewery site was demolished and along with it, the iconic landmark Bullards chimney. Anchor Quay is now a residential development with little pieces of the Anchor Brewery’s history still present.

After developing an affinity for the brand in the 1980’s when working with the brewery, Russell Evans reconnected with the original Bullard family, and together with Richard Bullard’s great, great grandson, John Bullard the great Bullards name was revived. Now known as Bullards Spirits, they focused on the production of handcrafted, artisanal gin.

Bullards Spirits, the first distillery in Norwich in over 150 years wins World’s Best London Dry Gin, Distillery Of The Year as well as six Global Gin Guide Awards. 180 years on from Richard Bullards success, Bullards Spirits are delighted that his fifth and sixth generation descendants are still involved in the success of the family-run business.

With immense pride and respect for their heritage, Bullards Spirits launch their beautiful packaging and modern branding with the ‘Tipsy Anchor’ taking centre stage. The unique bottle shape is a nod to the iconic landmark chimney that stood proud over Norwich for over 100 years.

In Late 2018, Bullards Spirits outgrew their humble beginnings at The Ten Bells Pub and moved to historic Crystal House (c1860). The relocation and upgrade to a 400L copper column still, increased production capacity from 500 to 3500 bottles per week.

Bullards Spirits launch their innovative and award winning Eco Project encouraging consumers to Re-Use their Bottle For Life, Refill with an Eco-Refill Pouch and Recycle responsibly by returning the empty pouch to the distillery.