Why is Chocolate Important?

Why is Chocolate Important? - Gnaw

Chocolate is one of the most popular sweet treats in the world, and people around the world consume more than 3 million tonnes of cocoa beans a year! Not only does eating chocolate make you feel good, but it is also good for heart and brain when enjoyed in moderation. At Gnaw we understand that there is nothing like the gift of chocolate, and know how important it is for special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and more as it brings chocolate happiness to many people of all ages.

Gifts & Hampers

Whether it is for a birthday or any other special occasion, we have many different chocolate gifts and hampers that are perfect. For all those who appreciate just how important chocolate is, our gifts will certainly help satisfy those friends and family members who love chocolate. You can choose flavours that they will adore and you can create their own build a bar selections personalised just for them.

Chocolate at Christmas

Christmas is simply not Christmas without chocolate and it is safe to say that everyone should agree with this. A Christmas present it not complete without some delicious chocolate to enjoy and savour over the festive period, as it is such an important part of a wonderful and thoughtful gift. This Christmas we have a fantastic selection of Gnaw goodies created especially for that perfect present. This includes our organic chocolate library, with 4 delicious quirky organic chocolate bars which are full of all natural ingredients to create a scrummy chocolate gift for a loved one this Christmas. Or we have our organic chocolate Christmas collection, hot chocolate mug gift set, Winter Wonder bar, Snowberry Drift bar, and much more. Our Christmas Chocolate gifts are fully recyclable and our chocolate library, advent calendar, Millionaires Shortbread SuperSlab and Cranberry and Almond Super Slab are fully home compostable so yummy chocolate Christmas zero waste gifts that don't cost the Earth. For that fabulous chocolatey Christmas, we can deliver to any address in the UK, as well as select countries in Europe.

Chocolate at Birthdays

Just as chocolate is important during Christmas, it is also integral for birthdays as well. Think of how birthday presents are completed with some delicious chocolate for your friend or family member. Choose from our wonderful selection of gift sets, that are certain to make you realise just how important chocolate is. Make your loved one’s day with a letterbox chocolate that can be delivered straight through their letterbox. For an added personalised touch, you can write your own special message to wish your friend or family member a very happy birthday to be added along with your chocolate selection.

Chocolate Delivery

At Gnaw we know how important chocolate is, so we make sure that it can reach everyone’s door. If you have a friend or family member with a special occasion to celebrate, but you are unable to see them, then not to worry as we can deliver all the chocolatey goodness to any address in the UK. 

Chocolatey facts to prove that chocolate is important:

  • It has been found that chocolate can keep the heart’s blood vessels healthy.
  • Chocolate gives you energy, as in fact it contains small amounts of caffeine!
  • It may help improve memory as you get older.
  • It puts you in a better mood....:)
  • It can help produce endorphins.