Vegan Hot Chocolate Collection

Vegan Hot Chocolate Collection - Gnaw

We have something very exciting to share with you all, and that is our brand new vegan hot chocolate shot gift set. Comprised of 3 delicious artisan vegan hot chocolate flavours, ideal for anyone following a vegan or dairy free diet and for that thoughtful gift.

Whether you are a vegan or a dark chocoholic, our  Vegan Mixed Hot Chocolate Shot Gift Set guarantees happiness in every mug. Featuring three handcrafted flavours including Vegan Mylk, Vegan 70% Dark Chocolate and Vegan 70% Chocolate with Sea Salt, heat some milk, or milk alternative of your choosing, stir up and swirl in your handcrafted choc shot, then sit back, relax and savour the hot chocolate moment.

Vegan Mylk Hot Chocolate

Our vegan spin on the traditional milk hot chocolate, that might be even better! Delicious vegan milk free hot chocolate, made with high quality ingredients for that perfect hot chocolate. Made with cocoa and natural vanilla flavouring!

70% Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate Shot

For those dark chocolate lovers and chocolate lovers in general, this scrummy hot chocolate flavour is made with a minimum of 70% dark chocolate a perfectly wonderful hot chocolate treat to enjoy any time of the day.

70% Dark & Sea Salt Hot Chocolate Shot

Another decadent dark hot chocolate stick, but this time combining 70% dark chocolate perfectly with sea salt! Swirl this delightfully delicious handcrafted dark chocolate into your milk alternative for fantastic vegan hot chocolate.


  • Stir in vegan hot chocolate on a stick
  • Set of three flavours including vegan mylk, 70% dark chocolate, 70% dark chocolate with sea salt
  • Enough for one drink each! 

Vegan Hot Chocolate Gift

Our vegan hot chocolate shot set is a perfect gift solution for anyone during these autumn months. We cannot think of anything better than curling up with a hot mug full of delicious vegan hot chocolate! If you have a fire make sure you get that get going as well for that snuggly night in. Our vegan hot chocolate set is perfect for that special gift for friends and family. A lovely addition to any gift, whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present. Or if you are celebrating a loved one moving home, then our vegan hot chocolates are super house warming presents.

Personalised Vegan Hot Chocolate Gift

You can add a special personalised postcard to your vegan hot chocolate shots order, and you can write them a thoughtful message. Whatever the occasion you can wish your loved one a wonderful time and remind them how much you mean to them.

Vegan Hot Chocolate Delivered

We also can deliver this delicious vegan hot chocolate selection to any location in the UK and to select countries in Europe as well. The perfect solution if you are unable to see your loved one on their birthday or over Christmas, as you can send them a yummy vegan hot chocolate selection for them to enjoy. It is certain to put a big smile on their face.