Taste Adventure Hot Chocolate Sensation!

Taste Adventure Hot Chocolate Sensation! - GNAW

At Gnaw we don't like the evenings starting to close in becoming bitter and cold we prefer things which are warm and sweet. We offer this experience through a taste journey with our Hot Chocolate products available from GNAW. We offer an extensive handcrafted collection of hot chocolate stirrers and bombs which is only growing by the week spoiling you for choice. Our no fuss combination of warm milk and one of our Hot Chocolate products is a decadent yet simple way to experience our incredibly delicious locally sourced chocolate. The main attraction if you are looking for variety is our irresistible Hot Chocolate Journey Gift Set including 8 different flavours for you to choose your favourites. They include: Milk Chocolate, caramel, orange, marbled, dark, mint, rocky road, hazelnut praline. 8 individually unique flavours which give a different chocolatey experience with each sip.


Whether your story starts with being vegan, or you're passionate about sustainable confectionary we have all options to accommodate your chocolate requirements. Our chocolate is locally sourced and hand crafted at our HQ in Norwich, Norfolk which is where your hot chocolate journey is born. We use nothing but the best and freshest ingredients which are hand selected from the fields of Norfolk.


These ingredients are then used to handcraft our artisan Hot Chocolate products for your enjoyment. From our stirrers which the chocolate dissolves as you mix, to our spectacular melting Hot Chocolate Bombes. Each one is made to our high standards without fail for your indulgence! We offer multiple options of create your own hot chocolate which means each customer can tailor to their favourite Gnaw Flavours!


Whether its for yourself or a present for someone, no where is too near or too far. We offer gift sets as well which is sure to put a smile on someone's face for Christmas, birthday or just to celebrate a Monday! If you want to get your Christmas shopping done and dusted we have made live our festive gift options for your purchase.


Delivered across the UK by Royal Mail or DPD to bring chocolate happiness to the lucky recipient or to treat yourself...go on you deserve a treat!