Sustainable Chocolate - Reducing Plastic Waste by 85%

Sustainable Chocolate - Reducing Plastic Waste by 85% - GNAW

Gnaw chocolate is dedicated to produce the most sustainable and planet friendly chocolate on the market in every department. This includes sourcing of our chocolate packaging and our plastic free chocolate bar wrappers to the waste within the office and everything which comes in-between.

That is why we are happy to report that we will be reducing our already low amounts of plastic waste by 85%. Along with our existing home compostable zero waste bar wrappers, we are introducing new packaging to all of our products throughout 2022 which will not only look even better and more irresistible, but reduce the total waste we produce and slash the usage of plastic by 85%. Our hot chocolate shots had previously come fully wrapped in plastic with an insert and now we have reduced the plastic by 85% with our new and fabulous hot chocolate boxes. We cannot wait to share our new designs and products over the upcoming months so keep your eyes peeled... you never know when or where these might pop up!

For more on what we already do in our pledge to be the most sustainable chocolate click here.