Summer Chocolate Box Gifts

Summer Chocolate Box Gifts - Gnaw

Gnawsome chocolate gifts ideas for the summer season. Perfect for barbeques, gifts, midsummers eve parties or to treat yourself with or to send as a for a celebration.

Spread a little chocolate joy with a scrummy summery chocolate box hamper with handcrafted chocolate goodies... a summer gift that is a little ray of sunshine for a super-awesome person (that includes you) celebrating their birthday, anniversary, as a thank you gift or simply just because…

With 3 limited Edition Summery gifts of chocolate to choose from for just £13.50 this box is a great way to bring a smile to someone’s face and show them that you are thinking of them.

Our Gnaw summer chocolate boxes come with a gift postcard for you personalise with a message and make your gift even more special (and also so the recipient knows who has sent it)

What’s inside our summer boxes we hear you say? let us tell you..

For smooth chocolate lovers our Sunny Days Chocolate Box is like chocolate heaven for you, with a mix of smooth and creamy milk chocolate, decadent dark chocolate...and even some dreamy white chocolate mixed in too. the treats inside include: 

2 ‘Big Bars’ 100g: Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate and Toasted Coconut Dark Chocolate

2 Bite-Sized Bars 35g: Dark Milk Chocolate and 100% Cocoa

2 Bags of Buttons 150g: Milk Chocolate and super scrummy Mixed Chocolate buttons with white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate mixed together.

If you like nuts in your chocolate then our Go Nuts Chocolate Box is for you as it comes with nutty handcrafted chocolate goodies....

2 ‘Big Bars’ 100g: Salted Caramel & Peanut Milk Chocolate and Organic Almond & Coffee Dark Chocolate

2 Bite-Sized Bars 35g: Milk Chocolate with Granola, Cranberries & Raisins, also Milk Chocolate with Granola, Peanuts & Seeds

2 Bags of Buttons 150g: Milk Chocolate, Mixed Chocolate (White, Milk & Dark Chocolate all mixed together)

For the dark chocolate loving and vegans among you our Happiness Chocolate Box is sure to bring a smile to a lucky recipient. With handcrafted vegan dark chocolate goodies we have an online exclusive flavour too Organic Coconut and Cranberry!...happiness all round :) Inside our box of chocolate happiness is:

2 Big Bars 100g: ONLINE CHOCOLATE BOX EXCLUSIVE FLAVOUR Organic Cranberry & Coconut Vegan Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Crisp Dark Vegan Chocolate

2 Bite-Sized Bars 35g: 100% Cocoa and Dark Vegan Chocolate with Orange & Granola Bar

2 Bags of Buttons 150g: Dark Chocolate x 2

To see any allergens for each chocolate summer gift please see the ingredients listed on each hamper page. Send your chocolate box gift to a loved one this summer anywhere in the UK by 48 hour courier, 2nd Class post and we even send our chocolate from UK to Europe to send handcrafted British chocolate to friends and family who live abroad. For all the countries we deliver to click here.