Norwich - A Kind City (2/4)

Norwich - A Kind City (2/4) - GNAW

Norwich - A Kind City (2/4)

The 8th Norwich Sea Scouts and Gnaw Chocolate developed an initiative which would spread kindness throughout communities in Norfolk. The Scouts did random acts of kindness to help spread positivity during COVID-19 which is a difficult period for everyone. There were some extreme acts of kindness throughout the initiative by all scouts. Charlie went litter picking every weekend around different location including Chapelfield Road after he heard of Gnaw’s pledge to a more sustainable world and no plastic wrappers. Another scout, Bella, donated 12 inches of her hair for children without hair to have wigs.

Annelise Savill who was spearheading the kindness initiative for the scouts was delighted how interactive and enthusiastic the children got when engaging in kind acts. Especially when interacting with representatives from Gnaw, Norfolk and Waveney Mind and The Feed. Noting that the Cubs and Beavers of the 8th Norwich Sea Scouts noticed that the world is going through some difficult times and that people need cheering up and the kindness initiative was the perfect thing to get involved with. The children really worked hard on doing small acts of kindness and were grateful for all parties involved for their part in making this all happen and to Gnaw & The Feed for donating to 75 low-income families, which the scouts hope can help spread the festive cheer.

The Scouts all received a Christmas treat from Gnaw Chocolate for all their hard work in spreading kindness across communities and decided they would do one last act of kindness. The cubs and beavers asked if Gnaw would donate a chocolate Christmas box as a present this year to families struggling for food.

A particular special thanks once again to Annelise Savill and the 8th Norwich Sea Scouts for their acts of kindness and donation of Gnaw chocolate for low-income families