Norwich - A Kind City

Norwich - A Kind City - GNAW
Norwich - A Kind City (3/4)

During the ‘Norwich – A kind city’ initiative Norfolk and Waveney Mind sent representatives down to the scout hut to speak to the scouts about being kind and how doing the smallest acts can have a huge impact in their local community. Along with how a personal act of kindness can affect one person. The scouts interacted and discussed with Mind how they felt whilst doing kind acts and relayed what their favourite acts of kindness were. Tara Davis who is the fundraising and events officer at mind said:
“The Kindness initiative established by Gnaw Chocolate in collaboration with 8th Norwich Scouts is something that Norfolk and Waveney Mind were thrilled to be involved with. As a mental health charity, we actively encourage kindness in the wider sense, as an element of positive, healthy well-being. Naturally, the sooner we promote this message to young people, the more beneficial it will be to not only themselves, but to their friends, family, peers and the wider community. What I was thrilled with, was that the Scouts were more than aware and mindful of the importance of being kind, and were very mature in the manner of which they talked openly and comfortably about well-being.”

Gnaw would like to thank Norfolk and Waveney Mind and Tara Davis for coming to educate the cubs on effects of being kind and age-appropriate mental wellbeing.