NEW Vegan and Dairy Free Snack Sized Chocolate Bars

NEW Vegan and Dairy Free Snack Sized Chocolate Bars - GNAW

The squirrels often fancy a nibble of chocolate which got them thinking why not create a mini snack sized oat mi!lk bar range to help when a chocolate craving comes along. Cute in size, smooth and dreamy in taste these bars are not only vegan friendly, they are dairy-free, plant-based, plastic free and handcrafted Oat Mi!lk Chocolate at our Gnaw HQ in sunny Gnawfolk UK... It can't get much better than that! 🌱 

Plant based and tOATally gnawesome in flavour, our 3 oat mylk vegan chocolate flavours are avialable in the following dairy free chocolate options.
Oat Mi!lk A classical favourite and a take on milk chocolate is this dreamy, smooth oat mylk vegan friendly chocolate bar. Perfect to cosy up with any time of the day.
Orange Crunch A zesty orange oat mylk chocolate bar handcrafted by our squirrel chocolatiers with cocoa nibs to give an added little crunch. Fruity and crunchy all in one bar.
Sea Salt & Crunchy Caramel - A dreamy oat mylk bar handcrafted with gorgeously tasty vegan caramel crunchy pieces mixed together with sea salt for added crunch and bite.
You can create your own snack-sized vegan chocolate bundle to squirrel away and enjoy or send it to a vegan chocolate lover to celebrate an occasion. Choose any 5 vegan snack chocolate bars and we will get them sent to someone special to make them smile...after all what better than chocolate arriving at your door. 
Whether a bar or a bundle we deliver our vegan chocolates via First Class Royal Mail or 2nd Class DPD.