NEW Gnawty Sprouts!

NEW Gnawty Sprouts! - GNAW

Whether you love or hate the real deal, we are sure you are going to love our Gnawty Sprouts this festive Season. The Gnaw squirrels have been out foraging for sprouts as well as acorns this autumn for your indulgence this Christmas. These fun festive sprouts are oozing with hazelnut praline flavour and hand made individually with care. These tasty treats are gluten free and ready to enjoy

With the festive season in full swing now we are into November these are the perfect party treats for your friends, family or work colleagues to enjoy. If you are looking for a corporate gift then these are the perfect festive themes treat to come into work and find on your desk. Or if you struggle to get your kids to eat their vegetables, then maybe they would enjoy these greens in their stockings this Christmas for them to enjoy after their Christmas dinner.

If you would like to browse our Gnawty Sprouts or any of our other festive treats, such as: Bombe Bliss, Advent Calendars or the rest of our Christmas selection then click here.

Here at GNAW we pride ourselves on doing our part for the planet in committing all we can to be as green and eco-friendly as possible. Our NEW Gnawty Sprouts are wrapped in our 100% recyclable packaging. Meaning our squirrels are one step closer to a more sustainable and greener planet, with more trees to explore.