New Ecommerce Box

New Ecommerce Box - GNAW

At Gnaw we strive to do all we can to be sustainable, planet conscious as well as handcrafting simply scrummy chocolate for you to enjoy that doesn't cost the earth. From our 100g bars that are beautifully wrapped in fun packaging which is fully home compostable and printed using soya free inks. To our energy conservation and recycling. Our HQ is run on 100% renewable energy using a company who invest in and operate a renewable energy structure. 

This is why we have now invested in improving how our scrummy chocolate is delivered to you! Our new boxes come in two sizes and is perfect for hamper gifts and corporate gifting! With our brand new state of the art self locking system, we now do not have the need for Sellotape, reducing our plastic use even further along with our new Hot Chocolate Stirrer packaging which is 70% less plastic! Our squirrels are massive fans of the new box as the feature heavily on our internally branded box. With the outside remaining blank for full confidentiality on what is inside your box! As if people caught wind our amazing chocolate was inside, we will have a serious issue of missing chocolate!