New Almond, Toffee & Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar

New Almond, Toffee & Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar - Gnaw

Almond is one of our favourite ingredients here at Gnaw Chocolate at the moment, its really versatile, and has a lovely mild flavour that can compliment so many ingredient combinations; it also has many health benefits including boosting memory function…. Now who doesn’t love a bit of brain food?! especially is it's in chocolate

Originally the Almond, and Toffee flavour combinations had been intended for a Christmas inspired bar; we had started our Christmas food hoarding in the cellar early as you do! One evening feeling a bit peckish we sneaked out some snacks…. A bowl of some lovely nuts to crack open and a box or two of fudge and toffee; when we started to play with some combination ideas to see which nut and toffee or fudge combination worked and tasted best. The next day at Gnaw HQ we tried out our nut and toffee combinations with white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate,. Milk chocolate came out on top but we couldn’t quite get the flavour we were looking for until the idea came of an additional pinch of salt and then hey presto! The flavours came alive and the new Almond, Toffee and Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar was born!

The most surprising part though, was how the pairing of all the ingredients didn’t conjure visions of baubles and tinsel, but instead reminded us of early summer walks along the beach with our dogs, breathing in the cool sea air and skimming pebbles over the surf. We knew straight away that this was a special bar to squirrel away until the summer - well anytime of the year but especially summer and picnics and summer evenings.

We love how the sea salt heightens the creaminess of the milk chocolate and toffee and adds another layer of sweet flavour. It is such an easy chocolate bar to eat as the ingredients are so well balanced ….. Our chief squirrel often devours half a bar without even realising it! This dreamy milk chocolate bar and is a match made in chocolate heaven.

A great addition to our range of large handcrafted bars which are all eco friendly too as we source quality ingredients locally where possible or in Britain and they beautifuly wrapped in our fully home compostable packaging and foils too! Even the printing is done using soya inks.

Send this new bar together with our scrummy other milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and organic chocolate bars as a 5 or 10 chocolate bar bundle, as a chocolate gift delivered directly to the door of someone special or have chocolate by home delivery to you...we all deserve a little treat. Go on what are you waiting for, order via