Love You Choco-lots!

Love You Choco-lots! - GNAW

If you are looking for something to add to your own valentine's hamper for that chocolate lover in your life, then this is an absolute MUST to include! It is delicate, classy and sure to put a spring in anyone's step when they indulge in our Love you choco-lots bombe.

A super cute and LOVEly hot chocolate bombe much loved by the squirrels here. This milk hot chocolate bomb is all you need for a marvellous mug of dreamy, delicious hot chocolate. Cosy up and wrap your hands around a mug of this fabulous tasting hot chocolate (or paws if you are a squirrel) and take yourself to hot chocolate heaven.

Crafted with our dreamily smooth milk chocolate, simply pop your lovely hot chocolate bomb into a mug, slowly pour in some hot milk, gently stir and watch the mini marshmallows come to the top... then cosy up and most of all enjoy.