Gnaw Chocolate Treats in Oliver Bonas

Gnaw Chocolate Treats in Oliver Bonas - Gnaw

We're delighted to be in Oliver Bonas stores and online with our scrummy chocolatey treats. We asked the OB Team a few questions about working with us....

How did you discover Gnaw Chocolate?

We really wanted to add another fun chocolate offering to our foodie gifts collection and luckily Gnaw reached out to us. We’d already heard of Gnaw but after we did more research and the all-important taste testing we were sold.

What were you looking for when working in partnership with a chocolate producer?

For us there were four key tick boxes: They had to be UK based, use sustainable packaging, offer a great of flavours and demonstrate a passion developing new products.

What do you like most about our chocolate?

It’s absolutely delicious and we really enjoy the varied flavour combinations. Apart from that we also love that the packaging is all compostable too which is great.

What do you think your customers would like most about our brand?

Definitely the taste and they are also really gorgeous to look at.

What was the inspiration for the 3 bar flavours?

We wanted to offer a playful twist on classic flavours. Chocolate orange is a classic Christmas flavour but making it dark chocolate felt more luxurious. Almond, sea salt and toffee is a twist on the classic sea salt and caramel and Gin & Tonic just because it’s everyone’s favourite drink!

How many people are involved in the chocolate tasting sessions and who has the final say or is it a team decision?

The whole team is involved, unsurprisingly everyone enjoys the chocolate tasting sessions.

Of the Gin and Tonic bars mystery tasting samples, was it a hard to decide which one would become your new G&T flavour?

We all realty loved testing this one! Afterwards we held a tasting poll and surprisingly the decision was unanimous. There was a clear favourite and so we went for that.

Of the 3 bars, Dark Orange Crunch, Gin & Tonic and Almond Toffee & Sea Salt which bar would you most like to hibernate with on a winter’s day?

It’s hard to pick just one! Depending on the time of day here are my answers… Dark choc for an after-dinner indulgence, Almond toffee and sea salt for the 3pm pick me up and G&T for an end of week Friday treat!


The squirrels here are passionate about sustainability with the wrappers on all our large bars being plastic free chocolate, is this something that is important to Oliver Bonas look when buying food gifting ranges?

It is something we strive for and we are on a journey trying to make our products as sustainable as possible.

Are zero waste gifts something that Oliver Bonas look for when buying?

We do a lot of zero waste/re-useable products likes straws, lunch bags, veg bags, bottles. It is an important part of our gift range that we are always looking for more things to add to it.

Which of the Oliver Bonas glasses/sets would you pair with the new Gin and Tonic bar to enjoy the actual tipple?

Our new Lina range is beautiful and comes in a set of two so you can enjoy socially distanced with a friend.

What's your favourite thing to make or bake using chocolate?

It has got to be a tray of gooey chocolate brownies!

We handcraft our chocolate in Norfolk, are food gifts produced and made in the UK important to Oliver Bonas?

For us it was extremely important that chocolate we stock is made from good quality ingredients and by amazing crafts people.

The bars created for Oliver Bonas are palm oil free, are you finding this is becoming increasingly important to your customers?

Our customers are hot on topics like this and it really drives us to achieve products that the customers will love and be proud to buy.

Which of the 2 Super Slabs (Millionaires or Dark Chocolate with Cranberry and Almond) would you most like to receive on Christmas Day?

For me it would be Millionaires choc, super delicious although I don’t think I could eat It all on Christmas day (but would give it a good go!).

What is the most popular Oliver Bonas product bought with a chocolate gift?

Right now it would definitely be a puzzle or a family game, something to enjoy a cosy night in.

We are delighted that our gift sets will be in your stores…Which of your Oliver Bonas mugs would you choose to enjoy a Gnaw Hot Chocolate in?

I think our Bee Happy mug would be a great pick me up mug to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate in.

Of our new vegan hot choc shots...which one is your teams favourite flavour?

We cannot get enough of the dark chocolate and sea salt – it’s so luxurious!

On each of our Gnaw bars there is a squirrel with a tale to tell (i.e For our Dark Chocolate our squirrel is in the dark with a torch) what would the Gnaw squirrel be wearing, doing, carrying to best reflect Oliver Bonas' ethos?

They’d be wearing cosy slippers whilst WFH to represent Word Hard, enjoy a G&T in our gin glasses to represent Play Hard and holding a big pink heart to represent our Be Kind.