Congratulations Chocolate Gifts

There are so many different occasions to why you would wish someone congratulations and something which is so important to celebrate the success your loved one has had. Think to all the times you have been congratulated, and just how wonderful it can make you feel. At Gnaw we like to make sure that congratulation messages are fun, personalised and simply delicious. We have a whole range of chocolaty treats that make the perfect congratulations gifts!

Congratulation Occasions

There are so many important occasions to why you would want to celebrate someone’s success, which include graduating, passing exams, passing a driving test, getting a new job, completing a sporting event, moving house, anniversaries, new baby, christening and much more. There will always be something that comes up that requires some chocolate for a fantastic celebration. Whatever the occasion we have lovely chocolate gifts and hampers that are perfect to send to a loved one celebrating.

Celebratory Hampers

If you are looking to send your loved one a large chocolate surprise, then our hampers will certainly do the job. Ranging from our Delightfully Delicious Hamper to our Super-Duper Hamper, they are full of all our chocolate goodies which include our big chocolate bars, mini bars, chocolate buttons, 35g bars, and hot choc shots. Choose the hamper that is ideal for the occasion, and you can even add a thoughtful personalised message to your order to send your friend or family member that special congratulatory message.

Congratulations Letterbox Chocolates

Or if you are looking for something a little smaller, then we have our congratulations letterbox chocolates! You can send that special congratulations message to your loved one, for it to be delivered directly through their letterbox. Celebrate their success and achievements, with 3 delicious chocolate bars! You can select the flavours you know they will love, and choose from flavours including crunchy peanut butter, fudge crunch, our smooth banoffee pie, and many more. Not forgetting that there are vegan flavours to choose from as well, such as our Dark Chocolate Raspberry Crisp, Toasted Coconut, Dark Chocolate and more! You can create a wonderful vegan chocolate celebratory gift for your friend to enjoy.

Personalised celebratory chocolate

Along with a celebratory chocolate gift, make sure you add a lovely personalised message to go along with the chocolate. You can choose the post card that is just right for the occasion, and then add a custom message to send those special celebratory wishes to your loved one.

Messages of congratulations

Here are some examples of congratulation messages that are ideal for adding along to a celebration chocolate package!

  • ‘Congratulations and Bravo’
  • ‘This calls for a celebration! With Chocolate!’
  • ‘You did it! So Proud of you!’
  • ‘I knew it was only a matter of time. Well done!

Choose the message which is just right for the celebration.

Celebration Gifts in The Post

All our chocolate gifts can be delivered in the post for that special celebration and a great way to send your loved one a congratulations message if you are unable to see them. We can deliver our chocolate to any address in the UK, and also to select countries in Europe that Gnaw Chocolate are delivered to!

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