Christmas Hot Chocolate Flavours are here!

Christmas Hot Chocolate Flavours are here! - GNAW

Introducing our three New and very exciting Hot Chocolate Flavours: Christmas Pudding, Amaretto and Hot Toddy!

Cosy up and enjoy a 'Silent Night' with our handcrafted festive flavoured hot chocolate. Hot chocolate and Christmas = guaranteed chocolate happiness with our Christmas pudding flavoured milk hot chocolate stirrer...A perfectly 'grown up' and indulgent treat for Christmas pudding and chocolate lovers to enjoy with your feet up...or paws of you are a squirrel.

Enjoy and savour our handcrafted boozy inspired and flavoured hot chocolate with this wonderfully festive Hot Toddy and Amaretto flavoured milk hot chocolate stirrer. Simply fill a large mug with hot milk and stir up a treat with a swirl of melting milk chocolate. So sit back, relax and most of all enjoy this tasty little chocolate indulgence - a perfect 'grown up' treat for cosy nights in.

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Here at GNAW we pride ourselves on doing our part for the planet in committing all we can to be as green and eco-friendly as possible. Our build-a-bar are wrapped in our 100% recyclable packaging. Meaning our squirrels are one step closer to a more sustainable and greener planet, with more trees to explore.