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A Level Congratulation Gifts

With 2020 being the year many things have changed, and even though A level exams had been cancelled, results day is happening as if everything was normal. Thursday 13th August is results day and a huge day for anyone finishing thier A levels this year. A day for celebration and thinking of the future.

Here at Gnaw we have great chocolate bar packages that are perfect for a celebratory gift for your loved one getting their results. No matter whether they are looking to go to university, start an apprenticeship or if they did not get the grades they expected, send them some delicious chocolate to let them know how proud of them you are. Let them know that you are their supporting them no matter what their next steps are!

Letterbox Chocolates

Our letterbox chocolate selections offer the perfect letterbox gift to congratulate someone on getting their A level results! There are many different card selections to choose from, including congrats cards, smile cards, thinking of you, and ‘chocolate is the answer’. Choose the one that is just right for your loved one, and then simply choose 3 delicious chocolate bars that you know they will enjoy! Choose from Almond, Toffee & Sea Salt, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Fudge Crunch, Banoffee Pie, Raspberry Crisp and many more.

Exam Congratulations Gifts & Hampers

Our gifts and hampers offer the perfect present for anyone receiving their A level results this week. There are various wonderful goody boxes available to send to a loved one to help them celebrate.

Our sunny days chocolate box is full of summery goodies including our Salted Caramel Milk chocolate bar, toasted coconut dark chocolate, our dark milk chocolate, 100% cocoa bar, milk chocolate buttons, and our mixed chocolate buttons. You can add a special gift message to this package as well, to let your friend or family member know you are thinking of them and wishing them the biggest congratulations!

We also have our great hampers as well, including our Delightfully delicious hamper, our Gnawish Hamper, Gnawfully big Hamper, and Super- Duper Hamper. All varying sizes with a whole range of wonderful chocolate, that are great for a celebratory A level results gathering. We also have our Vegan-a-licious Dark Chocolate Hamper that is great for anyone following a Vegan or dairy free diet.

e-Gift Cards

Or unsure of what chocolate will satisfy your loved one? Then you can send them a e-gift card to help them celebrate their A level results, where they can choose their own handcrafted chocolate. Whether they are looking for some yummy hot chocolate or our large 100g chocolate bars, they can choose all their favourites.

Chocolate delivery

All our chocolate packages can be delivered to any address in the UK and to select locations in Europe. If you are unable to see your loved one on A level results day, but still want to let them know how proud of them you are and help them celebrate. Then not to worry, as you can send them some delicious chocolate directly in the post to their door for them to enjoy!