50% OFF Mini Chocolate Bars!

50% OFF Mini Chocolate Bars! - GNAW

Our 50g Mini Bars are perfect for when you're craving a little chocolate indulgence, our handcrafted mini chocolate bars come in a variety of scrummy flavours including 2 exclusive flavours; Millionaires Shortbread Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut & Guerande Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. Our mini bars are also wrapped in our simple yet beautiful packaging. What's so simple about it? the fact that two of these handcrafted bars can be recycled and 2 of the bar flavours can be home compostable. A simple step which can be made on our quest to sustainability. What isn't there to love with these sustainable chocolates?

Gnaw Chocolate have an offer which is so irresistible for our loyal squirrel customers! We have three flavours available for 50%... That's right 50%! What a treat for the taste buds and your bank account! Without further a-do we would like to introduce you to the main characters:

Salty.. Sweet.. Sophisticated... some would even say sexy! The squirrels are 'hazel'nuts about this little number! A deeply decadent dark chocolate blended with the mellow nuttiness of hazelnuts with a little added saltiness and crunch from the Guerandé sea salt.

After eating this next bar you'll be feeling like a billion dollars... Yes its THAT good! Spoil yourself with this decadently delicious treat with our Gnaw take on the much loved treat Millionaire's Shortbread. Indulgent smooth creamy caramel chocolate enveloping crunchy shortbread biscuit makes this bar a match made in chocolate heaven.

And last, but certainly not least... you'll go (Pea)NUTS for this last bar. A firm favourite of our squirrels here...Imagine ground and chopped peanuts swirled together with our deliciously smooth and mellow milk chocolate... and voila here you have it. Sweet and savoury smashed together in this handmade chocolate bar. A seriously good chocolate bar.