Our Story

Whatever the occasion, Gnaw chocolate gifts are almost too good to give-away. Alongside our fabulous ingredients and cocoa beans, we’ve hand-mixed a whole load of love and fun into our playful products making them the ideal present for everyone.

At Gnaw, with the help of our squirrel chocolatiers, we’ve hand-crafted gorgeous and supremely munchable chocolate and mixed it up with natural flavours, chewy chunks, sugary caramels, sweetshop treats, and exotic spices. In short, we have bars that include anything that makes it even more scoffable – if that’s even possible!

Want to Gnow More about Gnaw? Of course you do!

You’ve eaten our chocolate nibbles, bars, buttons and curled up for a good night’s sleep with some creamy hot chocolate. Now you’re dreaming of squirrel chocolatiers and waking up wanting to know so much more about our company. So we created this section to indulge you further…

 How Gnaw Came to Be

There’s so much serious chocolate out there. Had everyone forgotten the joy, fun and playful surprise of eating this scrummy, yummy and thoroughly delicious stuff? Certainly not for Teri and Matt Legon, Gnaw’s creators. They decided to embark on a cocoa-dusted mission to bring the fun back into high quality chocolate. As a result the Gnaw brand was launched in 2011, with a shiny new factory opening to produce the premium chocolate bars and treats.

Like all good stories, it wasn’t long before Gnaw bars found their way into shops around Norfolk, receiving a fabulous reception from customers. Apparently there was a big hole in many-a-chocoholic’s tummy waiting to be filled by these deliciously different flavours. With a helping paw from the local squirrels Gnaw began to take off on a stratospheric journey.

Now Gnaw chocolates are available all around the UK and in 23 faraway countries. The brand is quickly becoming known not only for the amazing levels of co-operation with our squirrel colleagues, but for an ever expanding range of munchable chocolate goodness.


Gnawfully Good Chocolate

 At Gnaw we love people every bit as much as we love good chocolate that’s why we source our premium chocolate from West Africa and Brazil. All of our imports are checked by our super squirrel connoisseurs to ensure that they meet the Gnaw standard for quality.

Every single one of our chocolates is carefully hand-crafted in our Gnawfolk kitchens, using locally sourced ingredients and natural flavours. Why would we let our gorgeous, chompably lovely chocolate come into contact with anything else?

The result is a dreamy blend of the very best ingredients ranging from swirling sticky caramels, creamy and nutty peanut butter, exotic spices, chewy chunks of fudge and marshmallow all mixed together with a big warm hug of Gnaw playful fun.