• Vegan Chocolate Bars

    Following a vegan diet for many people is a lifestyle choice and to reduce the exploitation of animals, but this is not the only reason for becoming vegan. For many it is a key factor in the decision making, but also for health reasons. At Gnaw HandCrafted Chocolate we believe, and know, that cho... View Post
  • Father's Day Chocolate Gifts & Chocolate Hampers

    We've created some Father's Day chocolate gift ideas for you to choose from for you to find the perfect chocolate dad gift for your Dad. Our wonderful chocolate gift selection is a sure way to make Father's Day 2020 a special one. There are 4 options to choose from which include our fabulous Gnaw... View Post
  • Dark Milk Handcrafted Chocolate Bar

    The extra cocoa we’ve put into our dark milk handcrafted mini bar pushing it towards the richer, darker side of chocolate. Different to Cadburys dark milk, Gnaws artisan dark milk chocolate is chocolate with a tux, a top hat and a weekend place in the country. If that sounds like your kind of thi... View Post