• Organic Chocolate

    Organic Artisan Chocolate At Gnaw we have a whole selection of organic chocolate bars flavours to indulge on and enjoy. They are great options to add to our build a bar bundles, and letterbox gift selections. Make a wonderful present for your friend and family member to enjoy, and choose the fla... View Post
  • Chocolate Buttons

    Chocolate Button Bundles Make sure you bundle up some of our delicious artisan chocolate buttons! You do not want to miss out on these. Not only do they taste great by themselves as little drops of chocolatey goodness to share, but they are also great for baking with too. You can use the delicio... View Post
  • University Chocolate Gifts

    It is coming to that time of year again where new students are starting their journey in the next chapter of their life as they move from home and start independent life. As well as new students starting university, students are heading back to university for years two and 3 and more as well. Her... View Post