Why is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

Why is Mother’s Day Celebrated? - Gnaw

Celebrating Mother’s Day on Mothering Sunday is a celebration held to honour mothers and all maternal figures. The day has evolved into an occasion for children to honour and give presents to their hardworking mums. It is a day dedicated to mums and maternal figures, where they are the centre of attention. This year on Sunday 14th March make sure to celebrate Mother’s day with your mum with some delicious chocolate to make their day!

History of Mothering Sunday

Like with many traditions, Mothering Sunday began with a religious purpose, and on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This is exactly 3 weeks before Easter Sunday and was originally a day to honour and give thanks to virgin Mary, also known as Mother Mary. These celebrations required people to visit their ‘mother’ church. Mothering Sunday was firmly put on the calendar in the 16th century as celebrations increased. These gatherings are so important to reunite families and give everyone a day off.

Mother’s Day Gifts

Gifting Mother’s has become an important part of Mother’s Day and this year it will be even more special to send your Mum something to make their day! For some great Mother’s Day gift ideas, we have our great chocolate gift selections, that are certain to brighten up their day. There are a whole selection of gifts and hampers that are certain to put a smile on their face. You can add a personalised postcard along with their package to write them a thoughtful message. If you have been unable to see your mum this year, like so many people, let them know just how much you miss them.

Mother’s Day Letterbox Gift

If you are looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year for you mum or maternal figure, then our Mother’s Day Letterbox chocolate gift is the solution. You can really show your mum just how much she means to you, with some gnawesome tasting chocolate delivered through her letterbox. With no need to worry if you are unable to see them, you can still send them a delicious chocolate selection directly through their letterbox. Choose 3 scrummy chocolate bars, and add a fun Mother’s Day postcard! Packaged beautifully in fully compostable wrappers and foil. Or we also have our Vegan Mother’s Day Letterbox Chocolates, where you can choose from our delicious vegan flavours to make your mum's day special.

The reason we really celebrate Mother’s Day is to thank all those hard working mums who always go the extra mile. This is the time to show appreciation and love for all they do, have done and continue to do.