• Chocolate Strawberries

    If you  love everything about chocolate-covered strawberries, the crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth shell and the cool, sweet strawberry beneath then using Gnaw smooth milk chocolate or organic decadent dark chocolate will be the perfect partner to your fresh strawberries. Whether you love giving c... View Post
  • Kindness Corporate Box - Chocolate cheer delivered through a letterbox

    Kindness Corporate Letterbox Gifts - Handcrafted chocolate delivered through a letterbox   The hardest thing about lockdown so far has been the fact we can’t see our friends and family and those we work with. Sure, we can chat to them on FaceTime and Zoom - host the odd virtual quiz or chat for o... View Post
  • Lockdown chocolate letterbox gift | Handcrafted chocolate letterbox gift

    What is a lockdown chocolate letterbox gift? It's essentially a gift that fits through the letterbox with bars of Gnaw milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate inside, sent with a fun personalised postcard. It offers convenience if you're sending a present to someone who isn't usually at... View Post