Organic Vegan Almond & Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar

Organic Vegan Almond & Coffee Dark Chocolate Bar - Gnaw

Our chocolatier squirrels are going nuts for our delightfully decadent Organic Almond and Coffee Vegan Dark Chocolate Bar which has deep velvety tones blended with the organic almonds for added texture and its mild nutty flavour. Paired with the best organic coffee, this rich, silky, smooth dark chocolate bar is a luxury self indulgence and a match made in dark chocolate heaven for you to squirrel away and enjoy. This artisan handcrafted dark chocolate bar is made with over 58% cocoa, suitable for vegans, vegetarians and is gluten free too and above all is extremely tasty vegan chocolate!

Organic Vegan Chocolate Thats Tastes Heavenly

All our vegan chocolate bars are wrapped in fully biodegradable and home compostable packaging so it’s an environmentally and eco friendly chocolate gifts delivered directly to your door. Buy as an individual vegan chocolate bar or add it to create a vegan chocolate bar bundle of 5 or ten bars to indulge in or share. This chocolate vegan coffee and almond bar is great to use in baking, melting over vegan ice cream or for a luxury treat met and dip strawberries and fruit into our divine vegan melted chocolate.

You can add this bar to a corporate chocolate hamper, send as a vegan letterbox chocolate gift or to enjoy all to yourself…why not we all deserve a treat now and then.

Organic Vegan Chocolate Delivery To Your Door

We have a great range of handcrafted vegan chocolate flavours to choose from online and are delivered all over the UK to companies and corporate clients. From LondonNorwichBirminghamBristolLiverpool and even to Northern Ireland! You can order directly from your house for delivery to your door in the UK, or to a friend or family members house! Order a delicious chocolate vegan treat or gift with no hassle. It’s a great vegan gift for any occasion and delivered directly to your door. We also deliver our vegan chocolate delivery to Europe such as FinlandSpain, Greece, Slovakia and well as a 2 day delivery courier service within the UK.