Norfolk Day - Gnaw's Pledge For a Cleaner Norfolk

Norfolk Day - Gnaw's Pledge For a Cleaner Norfolk - GNAW

During the Source to sea initiative, it wasn't just the kids getting an education. We learnt so much about the waste which ends up in our waters. The state and smell of the rubbish was so appalling we had to donate the kids some chocolate to thank them for taking part and all their hard work in supporting Gnaw's pledge to a more sustainable Norfolk. As today (27th July) is Norfolk day we wanted to give back specifically to the county we call home and love. Sustainability is at the heart of our ethos, and there is no better place to start than your own front door. We love supporting the local community, being a proud Norfolk brand. The MCS ‘Source to Sea’ initiative was a great way to educate the younger people in Norwich on the importance of sustainability, whilst cleaning up our rivers.

We’re dedicated to producing our handcrafted chocolate to the highest quality, with natural ingredients sourced as locally as possible. 

It means we may not be the cheapest, but we honestly believe quality does come at a price being zero waste packaging, less landfill and an all-round cleaner planet. We say that’s a price worth paying….Especially for fabulously scrummy handcrafted chocolate to savour and enjoy.

We care about what's in your chocolate, so our chocolate collections are made using quality natural ingredients, sourced from Britain to ensure our chocolate always tastes fabulous. 

All of our 100g bars are beautifully wrapped in fun packaging which is fully home compostable and printed using soya free inks featuring our very own squirrel in different guises! It’s FSC accredited. The foil…or what looks like foil is derived from wood pulp and created by Natureflex. so this and the wrapper can be placed in your compost bin and will decompose over 10 weeks. Our 35g and 50g bars are 100% recyclable. Our journey towards sustainable chocolate is always rolling forward as we strive to be as green as we can.