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Gnaw X Lacons - GNAW

This year, during the 2022-23 football season, Gnaw have sponsored the #1 Norwich City Channel - Talk Norwich City We became joint core partners, alongside Lacons Brewery, who are in their second year of supporting the podcast. Then, a thought occurred to us... What is better than chocolate? The correct answer you're looking for, is, Beer and Chocolate together! It was so simple and the idea was right there in front of our eyes. Like an open goal which Teemu Pukki needs to just tap home!

But before we get into our collaboration, we want to introduce a little about Lacons Brewery. They have been brewing beers so long, that even Nelson and his merry men were enjoying Lacons beers in the 18th Century! 

Based in Norfolk, Lacons Brewery is home to Lacons Encore, the award-winning (and personal favourite beer of all time) amber beer. Their brewing team is committed to using the highest quality Norfolk malt along with the original Lacons yeasts.  Developed over 100 years ago and used in every brew, endowing all their new beer with centuries of brewing heritage.

Although the Lacons name goes back to the mid-18th century, their modern-day brewery applies the latest technology to the age-old craft of brewing beer. Their Heritage Range are all strong beers inspired by iconic Lacons recipes dating back as far as 1866.

So, we’ve teamed up with Lacons to bring you this brilliant 2-in-1 gift box. Perfect for anyone who loves great beer and amazing chocolate. I mean, silly question, who doesn't! But this is a limited time offer only, so you better act fast.

Inside you’ll find a beautifully packaged letterbox-style gift box from Gnaw with 3 hand selected bars, with one selected by the viewers of TNC. The flavours have been paired to match the tones of Lacons' 3 multi-award-winning flavours of beer. Inside you will also receive 12 x 500ml bottles of our their famous beers.

This 2-in-1 gift box includes the following:

3 x 100g bars of Gnaw Chocolate

x1 Bee Happy Milk Chocolate with Honeycomb & Crunchy Caramel.  Milk chocolate heaven with sweet honeycomb pieces and crunchy caramel blended together to bring you chocolate happiness in every bite…happy days indeed.

x1 Milk Chocolate. This mellow and creamy handcrafted milk chocolate is top-notch and loved by those who buy it. Perfect for all ages to enjoy.

x1 Fudge Crunch.  Fudgificated! With crunchy shortcake biscuits and a gorgeous honeycomb enveloped in a deliciously smooth and yummy handcrafted milk chocolate.

12 bottles of Lacons Beer (4 Legacy, 4 Encore and 4 Affinity)

Legacy is our 4.4% Blonde Ale.  An ale for every occasion. Very refreshing with a delicate grapefruit and lemon aroma

Encore is our 3.8% Amber Ale.  A solid hop backbone with strong citrus support.  Sweetness subsides with a crisp dryness.  A sessional ale.

Affinity is our 4.8% Golden Ale.  Big, bold, beautiful.  A complex and full-bodied ale with a charming balance of fruit and malt.