Double win in Regional Business awards.

Double win in Regional Business awards. - Gnaw
Our new chocolate and granola bars have received a great reception so far. Whilst people are aware of the importance of maintaining a healthier balance in their lives, they also recognise the importance of being realistic and following the 80/20 rule, indulging 20% of the time. After all, we all deserve a little treat now and then – these bite-sized new bars offer an indulgent treat, with no added guilt. Parents are also increasingly aware of the products they give their children so these small bars have gone down a storm, and not just here in the U.K; our overseas customers love these new bars just as much.

To create the new smaller bars, we need to bring in a brand-new packing line resulting in a significant investment in our Norwich factory, where all Gnaw Chocolate is carefully handcrafted. Just 4 weeks after launch and as a direct result from demand from the French market, Gnaw needed to add a second phase of investment to ensure we kept up with the demand. (A nice problem to have!) The factory investment totalled £200,000 but has enabled us to fill a whole in many a chocoholics tummy with our new bars.

The response to the new bars was also noticed by the British Chamber of Commerce, who this September, not only named Gnaw Chocolate as ‘Small Business of the Year’ but also ‘Export Business of the Year’ in their Regional Awards. And that isn’t all, we are now shortlisted for the national Chamber of Commerce awards in these categories.

Matt Legon, Gnaw’s Founder, commented:

“We are thrilled to have been named as Small Business of the year. Our team here in Norwich work exceptionally hard to ensure that we create our scrumptious chocolate treats and provide the best customer service. Our forward-thinking NPD team spotted several growing consumer trends and developed the innovative chocolate and granola range in response. The response from our international customers in particular has surpassed expectation; therefore, to be named Export Business of the year in addition to the Small Business award is outstanding. I couldn’t be prouder of my team – they all thoroughly deserve this recognition”

France has been the biggest new export market for us of the seven new countries we’ve launched into this year; others include the U.S.A, South Africa, China, Germany, Morocco and Russia. It’s great that from our factory in Norwich, Gnaw is now being distributed all over the world.