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Who doesn’t love a chocolaty, tasty treat on the morning of their birthday? Our wide range of flavours suit anyone’s tastes and with our selection of gluten free and vegan options, we can suit your dietary needs too! Whether it’s for a chocaholic who would just love one of our chocolate hampers or a small gift for a friend. Here at Gnaw there is plenty of options to choose from for the perfect chocolate gift.

Vegan Chocolate for Birthdays

Our delicious vegan chocolate makes the perfect gift for those who are following a vegan diet. With more and more people becoming vegan every day for ethical and health reasons, there is we are able to offer products to excite their taste buds without any of the dairy. We offer a wide variety of flavours for those making a positive life change, our Gnaw Vegan chocolate can deliver to all those guilty birthday pleasures but without the milk. Our fully compostable wrapping also ensures you are doing your bit in benefiting the environment, ensuring your gift is sustainable and delicious!

Gluten Free Chocolate for Birthdays.

To ensure everyone can enjoy some chocolate on their birthday, we have our chocolate which is made without gluten as well! Perfect for anyone following a gluten free diet, and to create the ideal birthday present for friend, family member or loved one.

Chocolate hampers for birthdays

Our delicious gift and hampers make the perfect birthday gift, and ideal if you are unable to see your friend or family member on their birthday. You can mix and match five and ten chocolate bars for simply the best chocolate bar selection which is custom selected to really make someone’s day.

One option we have is our kindness box, which is comprised of 3 chocolate bars that you can decide the flavour of. With a whole range of flavours, including gluten free and vegan options there is something for everyone to enjoy. Then to complete you can add a postcard to provide a lovely personalised message to really put a smile on someone’s face for their birthday.

Or looking for something for a bigger birthday package, then we have our delightfully delicious hamper, which is the ultimate chocoholics dream! Includes a fantastic selection of chocolate bars, hot chocolate shots and chocolate buttons! We also have our Gnawish hamper full of delicious Gnaw artisan chocolate, with big bars, buttons, mini bars and hot chocolate shots as well.

Hot Chocolate Gifts Sets

For another great birthday present we have is our hot chocolate gift sets! Our Boozy Hot Choc Shots add a touch of grown-up flavour to our smooth milk chocolate shots, for a little luxury treat for a yummy birthday present for your friend or family member. Or we have our Mixed Hot Chocolate Gift Box that comes with 3 artisan hot chocolate dreamy flavours for that perfect birthday present! Finally, we have our Hot Chocolate Mug Gift Set for another fabulous birthday present, complete with two hot chocolate shots and an awesome mug featuring our very own squirrel!

Birthday Chocolate Delivered

All of our great birthday chocolate selections can be sent directly to your loved one’s door! Great if you are unable to see a loved one on their birthday, as you can let them know you are thinking of them, and wish them a fabulous birthday with some delicious chocolate. Not only do we offer chocolate for all tastes and preferences, but we offer chocolate for special dietary requirements as well.